VitalMonitor + BedMonitor = SafetyMonitor 

Constant 24/7 contactless measurement of your patients´vital signs even on a standard ward. Your patients can be protected from unexpected risks comfortably and easily. Consequences of adverse medical complications can be prevented.


... IN HOSPITAL Nurses have a constant overview of the state of all patients’ vital signs. They can monitor the entire ward online on a monitor or via a mobile device (iPad, smartphone) in any location. If there is a problem they can react immediately - the risk of delay is minimised.

... IN HOME CARE Thanks to VitalMonitor you, as a caring person, will have a clear view of your relative’s condition wherever you are. The system informs you of the basic vital signs and presence in bed and allows you to call for assistance immediately if the situation requires it.


Your benefits at a glance

Contactless measurement of patient’s vital functions. The system warns of any exceeding of the limit values, which are individually configured for each patient.

Ongoing monitoring of vital signs allows, for example, immediate evaluation of a change in medication and monitoring of long-term patient trends.

The system monitors the presence of a patient in the bed even in the case of use on normal beds without built-in weighing scales.

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