VitalMonitor + BedMonitor = Safetymonitor 

50 % of falls during hospitalisation can be prevented.  The BedMonitor sensors built into the bed checks the main safety elements of the bed. This information is subsequently transmitted to the display device (PC, tablet, mobile phone, etc).


Your benefits at a glance

Primarily at night putting the bed into the lowest position mitigates the consequences of any fall. The system warns that the bed is not in the lowest position

The system immediately warns that the bed is not braked and so reduces the risk of injury.

The system signals that a patient has left the bed or that he has not returned during the time period configured by the personnel.

The siderails are a basic safety element reducing the risk of a fall from the bed. As a result indication of the siderail position is vitally important, especially at night.

Signalling if the back part is positioned at less than 30 degrees.

Thanks to the elective function of bed localisation you always have current information about where a specific bed happens to be.

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